Question on sculpting with subdivide modifier

Currently in sculpting lecture. After using subdivide modifier, I am unable to sculpt in sculpt mode. Subdivide modifier menu is different.

Using v2.83.1

Do you have a screenshot of the issue? Just reply to the post and click the image icon to upload a pic and make sure to wait for green checkmark :slight_smile:

Also for this are you going to your subdivision modifier and applying it and then making sure to go back to sculpt mode after? Also if using Dynotop did you make sure to re-enable it?

The moment I clicked on the object to sculpt (after turning Dyntopo on), it turned into a cube.

You know what, I’m an idiot. Used subdivide instead of Multires.

You have to make sure to go into object mode and click apply to the subdivision surface modifier first :slight_smile:

When I turn on dyntopo, even with Multires, it still converts it back to a cube. Was I not supposed to turn dyntopo on along with a modifier?

I think Dyno works with multires, but I’m still on 2.81 so I’m no help really.