Just made this model. Gonna now texture it, maybe add some more details, but I think this is good for now. I want to do a sci-fi pyramid in a foresty-type scene. I think those would be some really cool contrasting elements

Have some textures down. Goin to bed, and I’ll get back to it tomorrow. Really pumped for this. The textures may change, but I’m kinda diggin the look right now

The height of the pyramid is roughly 190m. The Great Pyramid in Egypt sits at 137m. There are a couple of human models to get a little perspective. Now onto the environment!

Looks like the pyramid from stargate ??

Ahahaha! My dad said the same thing last night. Not a bad look to imitate lol

I lied. Before I do the environment, I wanna experiment with more pyramid shapes and ideas, to give me a wider variety of environments I can create. I really like the more sleek design of these. I’ll keep playing with ideas tomorrow

WOW! Totally digging this symbol of totalitarian oppression! Excellent work dude! The design makes me thing of Assassin’s Creed and the “Ones that came before”!

What’s architecture without totalitarian oppression? Nothing except giant rectangles apparently xD

or you know, caves and tree houses and stuff ?

Tells a story allready… like the mythical aspect of it.

Not at all!!! Looks coool! ?