Protein Bar Variant

Hey guys, So I want to make a protein bar with both the bar and the wrapper.
I have the bar ready and I also found a tutorial on how to make it he wrapper.
However I want to know how I could make the wrapper in a way so that it has that rolled kinda view

So something like this.


Hey Ark. For this there are many ways to do it. I would just actually model the wrapper and then add a displacement modifier to it to distort it. You can see in the .blend below I modeled it, added a displacement modifier to it and then a lot of it has to do with the node setup. I added a gradient node for the foil part that makes it looked ripped towards the end. For the bottom, using a boolean object to get that ripped look and if you grab the empty you can see I added the top vertices as a hook to the empty so you can change how high or low the wrapper is on the bar. Let me know if you have questions about it and again you can tweak it how you want and make your own version but this is a couple ideas of how to go about it.
ArkWrapper.blend (1.0 MB)

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Oh hey, sorry I read that late. But thanks a lot man.
I actually did it by extrusion and I followed your boolean idea.
Will share the results soon


Sweet! Look forward to seeing it

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