Props for SW Fanfilm

Got invited to take part in a team for making a Star Wars fanfilm and definitely can’t say no ?

Will be creating some props for it, and here are some first ones, two types of training lightsaber. Currently working on turret models for the next props.


Do or do not, there is no try… :stuck_out_tongue:

Turret for the next props, done modeling for the first one, need to do UV rituals next. Still need to make a second one, then revamp another existing model.

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Dough or dough not ?

There is no fries ?

That is a sick pew pew model! Can’t wait to see it textured man

Thanks! UV unwrapping them might be a bit of headache though, lol.

Turret detailing rework, will be mounted under a gunship (by other modeler), old/previous model is on inset (red, first image).

That’s pretty dang greebley.

Done with the second turret, now onto the UV mapping and whatnot !

I am turret and greeble envy. Oh to see it swivel and shoot in slow motion but the question is, does it shoot green or red lasers?

One of it shoots green laser, and the other one red, depending on the factions ?

Trying out procedural textures using this method : Blender Secrets - Baking Bevel and Occlusion maps - YouTube

This is just temporary one, btw, as final texturing will be done by other artist. More renders on ArtStation :

Making new props, series/variants of blaster gun. Started from the pistol variant, will still change some things a bit, now onto modeling the other/bigger parts.

Nice Pew Pews! lol Very cool po

Done unwrapping the UVs, now for the textures.

Some nice UVs there

Thanks !

Really cool work! Great job!

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