Progenitor Beta-28

An unknown micro-organism, made for a weekend challenge last week, taking inspiration from Blender logo itself. Cycles 1024 samples + denoising, procedural textures, compositing, level correction in GIMP.

This is awesome Po! 

That is actually a brain parasite and many are being infected by it. It’s mostly harmless but it does give you an inexplicable urge to open up Blender and do some 3D art. In some extreme cases patients report shaking if they go more than 24 hours without using Blender. It’s almost like a mania… A Blendermania if you will.


Thanks! :smiley:

Up to this day there’s still no cure available and infection rate is even going wilder and wilder each second throughout the entire world ! It seems there’s no stopping on this viral outblend …