problem in Texture Paint mode

Hi, I posted this question on the Udemy site, next to lecture 80 (Learn 3D Animation - The Ultimate NEW BLENDER 2.8 Course A-Z). I really need help fixing this so that I can move forward. Thanks in advance.

Hello Alex. I’m following all of your steps. but when I go to Texture Paint mode (2:55 of video), my mesh doesn’t turn pink, it turns black as in the picture I posted. And after selecting the “untitled” texture we created under Texture Slots (min. 3:05), it stays black. But it’s like a hollow or flat black (as you can see from my screen shot). It’s not black with volume or depth, like it shows on your character. I found no useful answers on the internet. Please help.



Hey Varinia! Happy to help :slight_smile: Do you have a material setup for the texture to be in? Check the little beachball icon in the properties panel and make sure you have a material slot setup for the texture. LMK if that helps any

Looks to me like you created a texture with a black background.