Previous Works

It seems that my previous posts are lost, so I am reposting some of my work for the record, in honor of Alex’s great tutorials.

The voice actress is my daughter, she said in Chinese:“大家好,我叫tak,我来自水星,我是一个外星人”(english translation:“Hi everyone, my name is Tak, I’m from Mercury, I’m an alien”, very cute!

Talking a little bit about myself, I’m a programmer in day job, for decade I have a dream to make indie games, now I can make the game art for myself.

For those coming here for the first time, if I (a programmer) can do it, you can too, just grab Alex’s tutorial and start blending.


Heck yeah Norrath! Great works as always and nice to see them all in once place. Like the look of the fish’s eyes haha