Precision Modeling #001

So I came up with this idea to make something with precision and accurate, and to practice a few things along the way , first time making a post in WIP, figured why not make a post. So here it is, I am going to model a bunch of pencils I use, figured it would be good practice and maybe something to look at by the end of it.

Started out rough , had to learn how to use this digital caliper, and measurmentsl lol. But I have figured it out and now ready to create first one

Started with length and diameter of the pencil

Very cool man! Some great modeling skills and techniques will come from this for sure!

Wow, those are definitely wobble-inducing-top-notch-hyper-realistic caliper and pencil renders! Grin

Quick update before I go to bed

When I first saw this I wondered what it could be!

On looking at your whole post now know!

Now make that pen look Goooooood! Sunglasses

I decided this challenge that I gave myself wasn’t hard enough hahaha, I needed to up the difficulty more, so now I am going to model the pencil so it can come apart in pieces like the actual pencil does ontop of just the precision.

Today got the main shape of the threads done.

I notice that the cap is wrong and will next fix that

Fixed the cap to be correct now

Awesome work Gral! This is some next level detail! :stuck_out_tongue:

Made keyways, shaved the threads, made the nozzle,finished button on the top.

Thanks for reminding me how much I hate machining parts.

A mess of measurements for everyone to see

ANd this is where it sits as of right now. I have the bevels added in, and currently working on the clip

Ok ,so I have left the hardest modeling part for last, the grip and maybe a hole for the mechanism that spins ,but here is a quick render of it.

It’s almost done

I lost track of time , hours have passed but I finally made the correct grip I was looking for.

So now we punch a hole in this grip ,and bevel it.