Pom on the Grom

Just spent two evenings working on this monster piece for my son. It’s a ‘Secret Santa’ render of a Honda Grom 2021 model in front of blackpool tower for his workmate.

It was abit of a rush and from a modelling aspect it is janky as shite and needed alot of work to get ‘photorealism’ but it was more about the theme.

So son’s going to get it printed A3, frame it and give it as his Secret Santa tomorrow!!!?

Apparently, once he’s had a few pints, he say to eveyone, ‘Im the Pom on the Grom!’…hence the title!

This is super cool man! And love that you made it for your son. Definitely share a pic of it 3D printed!

Son ended up getting a A4 print (not 3D (need a 3D printer for that( :wink: ) He did a smaller print so will post a image later.

This bike wouldn’t have been made possible without HOP and the courses I have done. I need to step it up and take my modelling to the next level!

Here’s a pic of smaller print posing in front of Blender.

Interesting how the colors are so different in print to what’s on screen.

Nice print! I started to print some of my renders/artworks too but mainly for the reason so that the color cartridge on my printer won’t get clogged due to low usage compared to the black ink one, lol.

About the difference in colors, that is because each uses different color profile, RGB for screen display and CMYK for printing (which generally appears more washed out due to it having smaller color range/gamut). You can try searching ‘RGB vs CMYK’ for more info.


I got some photo prints run off of my HOP scenes I liked. They looked amazing.

This print in the photo my son did appears washed out, I am not sure where he got it done. He may have let the system auto adjust.

When a refer to print, I meant prints from photo booth.

It is quite rewarding looking at your own artwork as a print.

I will have a read of that blog.

I’m glad you finally did this! It is so rewarding. Do your favorites on canvas. Not that expensive and you’ll love the result.