Please make a ultimate blender particle course

I’ve been looking for a good particle course for a while, it’s very frustrating that not a single course comes close to Alex’s project based teaching style.

Please, Alex! Make us “The Ultimate Blender Particle Course”, explain to us every particle setting, every force field, with lots of cool little projects!

After modeling, texturing, rigging, animating, particle vfx is maybe the most important thing to learn.

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haha it’s funny you saw this because this is literally my next course. I am working on a scenes course right now which should be done soon. And then doing simulation course!

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Great! Can’t wait to follow your journey into the 3D particle world!

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Heck yeah! Should be good

While waiting for Alex’s Particles and Simulation VFX course, I’ve learned some from other courses.

I will keep waiting because I like Alex’s project based teaching style!

Here are some practice projects I have completed


Nicely done Norrath