Pixel Perfect

Working with a tutorial and a couple of interesting free add-ons, I’m now able to make objects with pixel textures far easier than ever! This topic will serve as my place to post my objects and scenes.

Another wooden object. A crate!

I have made my first scene! It’s the inside of a storehouse! With this scene comes also some realizations. The method to this kind of style is for the texture to be classified as “Emissions” so that you can focus solely on the pixel art part of the project. The problem, however, is that this pretty much eliminates the shadows. So you really have to keep in mind textures and colors and placements. I guess this is why games like Banjo-Kazooie had metal crates of red, blue, grey and green even though that wouldn’t really make sense, but so you could tell each one apart more easily, given all shadows were in such games was a little dark circle under you.

Anyway, with that learned, I just need to remember to be more diverse when it comes to props and their colors / sizes / placement so that they don’t just blend in together. Otherwise, not a bad first scene!

Awesome scene drift ! Love the style. As far as the blending of prop goes, The metal rings around the barrels do a fine job in separating them. Well done man !

This is great man! Well done on the style, really captured it :slight_smile:

A more difficult shape to get pixelled properly, a Treasure Box!