physics and gravity-new rules possible?

back here with another odd question… is there a way to ‘reverse’ gravity physics? here are 3 examples of something i would like to do:

  1. i want to have rocks, soil, ect 'melt' upwards, as if they were leaving the ground and floating up into the sky.
  2. i want to do something similar with an object falling DOWN but the water/matter falling off them UPWARDS. like a split gravity situation, one goes down with natural gravity physics, and the other on top of it does the opposite with reverse gravity physics.
  3. i want to make it rain/storm backwards
is this possible? it seems like it SHOULD BE possible. How can i do this?

Yes you can absolutely do all those things quite simply with rigid body physics, particle system and force fields. Here’s a little video I shot for you which should help

Just wanna add some info: for the rain effects that goes backwards/upwards, if you’re using particle system, you can turn down the gravity factor in the field weight setting (and also set the normal velocity greater than zero).

This could be set for different particle systems/objects without affecting each other, so you can have one effect controlled by gravity while the others are flying up, all in the same layer/scene.

Btw, another simple ‘cheat’ would be to turn the camera upside down (though might not work for all situation). :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input Purbosky!

that sounds like what i was trying to figure out what to do. but i couldn’t understand how to get things to not all be affected by the same gravity. thank you both! i had asked another ‘expert’ and was told i’d have to do separate animations and then composite them together, it just seemed like a lot of work to do for something kinda simple…

You’re awesome! Even named it after me lol :slight_smile:

Of course haha. The video was made just for you :slight_smile: Glad you figured it out