Personal Space

Library challenge on CGBoost. Made with Blender, procedural textures only, rendered with Cycles, some touch ups in GIMP.
Exploring concept of small/private library in space. Wanted to do a big room library but then decide to scale it down so as the amount of needed details can be better managed and not too overwhelming. Even so, making the details so that most books don’t all look too similar was already pretty exhausting. Made 5 different types of book with varying cover, size, and thickness, then made three groups with varying book types in it which then stacked and positioned randomly on scene. Details (text, strips, etc.) were added on the instanced groups directly, along with more different book types thrown into the mix, done manually.

Very nice man! Love the feel of this! Wait is that your book in the very middle!? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! Yup, a potatocalypse in space :smiley:

Cool idea


Wow man! Take me there any day! But also give me a laptop to blender in :stuck_out_tongue:
I like the feel of your scene and I like that you explain the process, it’s very useful and makes me appreciate the scene even more!

Thanks! I’m sure they got some computers available, maybe even an online Blender in the future so no need to install :smiley: