PC Crashing, Think my file is too big

Hi, I didn’t know which link to post this in so thought here was good enough. I’m having HUGE issues with my current project. It has a lot of textures in it and it currently stands at 5MB. I’ve heard Baking helps with render time But I don’t know how to bake things. Also would this help the file size?

Yes baking does help and I would also turn off modifiers such as subsurface modifiers so that they aren’t active in the viewport. Will help with it not crashing

Thanks I forgot about turning the mods off I’m re-doing a wall so def don’t need them on. (I picked the wrong type of wall the mortar was WHITE so my bump map looked silly -think printed lino) till I remembered photoshop could invert the colours. (Hint Inverting the Bump map didn’t help, it made a difference and made it a BUMPY printed lino lol) Is there a tutorial on Baking. I tried online help but I didn’t follow it very well.

what exactly are you trying to bake? Are you trying to bake the details of an object onto a texture to use as a normal map? If so there are a few tutorials on youtube if you search blender 2.8 baking textures

LOL I don’t know? I assumed it was baking the material onto the object so shows how little I know! :slight_smile:

I was just about to post an entirely new topic asking about baking, but I saw this one and figured I’d latch on.

I don’t need to bake anything for any particular reason at the moment, but I’m interested in learning more about the process. Overall things I (think) I’ve learned:

  1. Baking can be used in several different areas of 3D work. Textures, lighting, and animation being the three most common areas.

  2. If you bake something, you don’t need to render it later.

  3. Baking is especially popular when exporting to game engines such as Unity, and doubly so if you’re creating a game for mobile devices with limited graphics-processing power.

  4. The Eevee renderer in Blender 2.80 doesn’t feature an option to bake textures.

  5. Baking can take a long time and use a lot of system resources, same as with any render.

This morning I tried baking a diffuse map for a medieval house prop that I had loaded up to a standard blank 4K texture and Blender crashed on me at about 46% of the way through. Before it started, I got a warning that there was a circular dependency. I’m obviously not doing something correctly.

Baking is still mostly a mystery to me - I’ve looked a couple of videos and read a couple of articles but they’re not as basic as I was looking for. I’m hoping to figure out more about it as time goes on.

Well that was a lot of information I didn’t know so thank you. I now have to admit I don’t know what Eevee is (lol I thought it was a pokemon). And after a week of arsing about with this damn machine and restting Windows etc I’ve now lost ALL sound on the videos so I’m still struggling to learn more sigh. Youtube is loud and clear though so I don’t THINK it’s my laptop, but I’m halway through a vid that WAS working fine!?

“I now have to admit I don’t know what Eevee is (lol I thought it was a pokemon)”

After you’ve finished moving things around in your 3D scenes and made them the colors that you want them and stuff like that, you can ask the computer to draw, or “render”, a high-quality version of what you see on your screen.

Blender includes two methods to render. Eevee is one of those methods.

Oh ok Thank you again!