Pans Flute Mythology Contest WIP

Need to find a nice seamless wood texture.

I got to keep moving along.

Texturehaven and cgbookcase are good places for free textures. Looking good.

Got more work to do.

Loving this piece man!

Wow, looks good!

How did you do the red light that reflects from the flame on the candels that is awesome!!

As a Greek I approve of this project! :stuck_out_tongue:

I raised the subsurface setting to 1 in the material tab.

Coming right along.

thanks Crispy

winner for this week!

Things that I think You can improve:

-> The flame or wick size is quite small , crank it up a bit because the subsurf scattering on the candle body indicates the light is coming for a big light source, which is, i guess a point lamp(red) that you have used, whereas the flame is very small which doesn’t make much sense

-> You can use a Ambient occlusion node to lay more emphasis on the geometry of the flute as i think the dark word kindaa hides the actual geometry of the flute and makes it look like a single dark block of wood

Can’t wait to see the final result

Typing mistake in the Image.

PBR not PPR JoyJoy

Took your advice @Ritik , made the flame larger and added the AO in the shader to the flute.

Dang Ed! This is truly amazing! Love the vibe of it

Has a lot of atmosphere. Thumbsup

Love this work. And call me crazy, but your harp has 50 strings, which is not accurate. :P

I’m not trying to be accurate when it comes to the strings. Just trying to give the illusion.