Orange Series

Thought I’d make an official topic for the spin-off series-in-progress based on the Cube Boy lessons on Alex’s Character Animation course. Introducing, Orange!

Orange is an orange cube boy living a suburban life with his colorful neighbors, having simple fun and peaceful times on the block. It’ll start as a series of test compilations, as he does ordinary things like grilling and checking the mail. Then we see how he interacts with his neighbors. Slowly, a community builds and other people are introduced. So far, there’s no talking, stories simply done through visuals and music.

Current cast:

Orange, Lime, Lemon


Marmalade (Orange’s cat)


Strawberry, Pepper, Plum, Blueberry, Potato

Updates on the series will happen here instead of the Cube Boy topic in the “Projects from tutorials”, as this is now its own thing, not a part of following the lesson.

absolutely love it… there is so much put into this that you really made this world and characters come to life… Upside Down

Dude this is awesome! I favorited this thread to make sure to follow it :smiley: Love the idea of Marmalade for his cat haha. Brilliant name too. Look forward to this series!

This is great! Looking forward to see how it turns out!

Soon Cube Boy will be entangled in a love triangle with Cone Girl and IsoSmexy - the curvy girl down the road lol.

Orange is beginning to have more of an official touch by having the inclusion of a title image! This is what I’ve come up with. It might get refined later, but it’ll do for now.

The new opening has been made, a full fade-in, fade-out effect at that! Look how it enhances the first animation!

This is a very smooth animation that tells a nice little story! Vegan burgers…Mmmmmm!

Orange’s entire structure (character and series) is getting a major overhaul. And one such part of it is rigging. Orange will now be rigged with armatures, rather than just rotating segments all parented to each other. This will make him far easier to animate smoothly and not worry about any gaps when it comes to limb motion. It’ll open up a lot of options for him and characters of the future.

Orange’s house, property and surrounding areas like the road and mailbox will be getting an overhaul as well. Keeping the same general design, but more detail. The idea came from the Halloween contest. While it might not be quite THAT detailed in the actual series, it will take some nods that direction.

Here’s to hoping for a productive future for Orange and his pals!

The new rig has been proving very successful in its first tests. To show you how much it’s improved, I’d like to present an old/new comparison of the first walk cycles he’s had. See if you can spot the subtle differences in how he walks!



Super awesome Drift! Like the new rig setup and all :slight_smile: