Old War Bird

Thought id attempt one of my fav war birds Upside Down

Here are some progress pics.

very nice!

Dude that is sick! Can’t wait to see it finished and textured. Going to animate it?

Hmmm - should look into that - maybe on home pc.

My work pc will crap itself if i tried anim....

Cool! Will it be Red Baron’s? :smiley:

Yep Thumbsup

Added some colour :slight_smile:

I like the color :slight_smile:

Getting there - have to turn off materials when at work otherwise my pc crashes… :( 

Very nice man! Look forward to seeing the final render and then I’ll share it on the FB and IG pages :slight_smile:

Very Nice. I have a few shots of 2 Japanese float planes that I have in Progress and I have an Albatros modeled, but I need to find its files.

Ah I found the Albatros. Here are a few shots. I didn’t mean to repost the Japanese Planes. Just the Albatros pics.

Just these ones.

Those pics are great! Amazing detail Slight Smile

Awesome plane! @twistedsister 

you guys should have a plane war animation :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just learning animation. I modeled that plane to see if war thunder would do a WW1 section for the game. It took me about 3 months to model it. I have since found that they have a WW1 flight game since then, and they have already modeled all those planes, so for me to remodel them only bennifits me, if I have use for them.

The Japanese float/sub carrier planes haven’t been modeled well yet.


very cool

Finally got shadow catcher working… testing different scenes - not sure if i should have it in a hanger or outside. Here is a test render.

Very nice! I like it in the hangar :slight_smile: