Old House Final

I am calling this project finished. I learned a lot about cycles in Blender 2.8 and how to use Collections. This was a fun project to do. I created the idea myself and used images to help me get a house that I wanted in the scene. This is a huge file and the final render took 6 hours to complete. The house, windows, doors, and shutters were all my creation as were the 3 trees on the lawn. All the textures were all cc0 and from TextureHaven and Textures.com.


Amazing work Richard! Do you mind if I share this on the Blendermania instagram and FB page for others to see? Again great work and think it came out really good

Sure, you are very welcomed to share it.

Thank you for the comments as well.


i love it! and the best part about these types of buildings, half their assets can be re-used to create a new one. def recommend making a ‘‘kitbash’’ file to start all kinds of planks, roof tiles, and environmental props

Thank you for the comments Gerardus. I am not sure what you mean by “making a 'kitbash” file. I have not heard that terminology before. I am assuming you mean making a blender file that has all the pieces parts and textures in it for appending to a new file.


that is exactly what i mean, and as far as i know this in blender terminology is considered a ‘‘kitbash’’

((might be wrong, someone correct me if so please!))

Thank you for the reply Gerardus. I did look up the term kitbashing and it refers to putting pieces parts together in a collection for future use. You learn something new every day!