Node set up question

What is a good practice set up for nodes to achieve a translucent material but I want veins/details to be more prominent in subsurface … it’s close but i’m sure there is a better way to do it that what i’m doing. 

Hey Carrie! Of course there are many different ways and tweaking to achieve translucent. Also with 2.8 there are a lot of changes and updates taking place even with translucency. Here is a setup that people seem to like. Are you using transparency and SSS at the same time?

Render → Screen Space Reflections ON

Render → Screen Space Reflections → Refraction ON

Material → Principled BSDF and Transparent BSDF into Mix shader

Material → Principled BSDF → Transmission 1.000

Material → Mix shader Fac mostly all the way to Transparent

Material → Settings → Blend Mode Alpha Blend

Material → Settings → Screen Space Refraction ON

:slight_smile: thanks ! I will play with it