New Sculpt

Hey all,

here’s my new project…an new attempt on sculpting

This is awesome Spacca! Well done on this sculpt. Great muscle definition. However where did you get a reference of my body from? lol kidding. Nice work!

Thanks!!! I’ll keep up with the updates on this sculpt

Body sculpt done!!!

Mad sculpting skills. Wow. I tend to get too frustrated on large sculpts need to be more zen, lol.

Awesome work dude! I could learn a thing or two, might have to pass you the title of Sculpt King! ?

If I may give one piece of advice is give him some more meat between the thumb and index finger. A fighter, or even just a manual worker, or even a painter, will have a meaty hand from grabbing/holding/punching etc all day long.
They way you have made it so skinny showing all the bones, is how a very old and fragile hand would be, or someone suffering from anorexia.

That’s all, just the tiniest of things. Everything else works great!

Jesus Alex we need to get you a new joke man… lol

Thank you all very much…you are right I need to beef up that hand

Here’s some updates

As far as the title, your works are waaaay better than mine…the lion one and the deity one are perfect in therm of proportions, details and most of all the expressions of your characters are another level

Here’s the texturing, trying some cel-shading techniques…

Almost done!!!