New Lego Animation

This is the new Lego Animation I’ve done. Well not completed lol. But definitely ready for Animating. All I need is to do the eyes, Environment, then pretty much done. Might make a movie out of this. Any ideas so I can get started?

Let me know what you guys think.

a. Udemy project? is that someone's course? I noticed some time ago that is exist. b. However: for animation (toon production): 16 vertexes for thighs (20 for hands) and no smooth? that are too low! Lego movies have high-poly models for every character, not compared to lego games meshes. c. No bevel on shin and foot edges? Thighs are too wide to the belt part (I forecast the overlapping issues). d. I had same idea to learn animation but it lost in deepwoods of my mind.


It uses the same character and also covers the eyes and mouth, furthermore it’s exported to Unity as a working game character.