New concept.

Not sure if I’ll follow through.

What do you mean?
For me, it looks like it’s finished …
And I like it

What does her expression look like she is thinking?

Making some progress. Any C&C is welcome.

Where I’m at currently.

That view reminds me a lot of Peter Weller as RoboCop. Looking pretty good there.

I definitely agree. It wasn’t what I was intending, but not a bad thing. Thanks.

Hey there was once this painter guy that said “This is your world

You’re the creator Find freedom on this canvas Believe, that you can do it, ‘Cuz you can do it. You can do it.” ~Bob Ross~ 

And the best one of them all… 

 “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.” ~Bob Ross~

Almost there.

Wow! This is freaking awesome and mind tripping haha. Very awesome Crispy! I would say add some Depth of Field to it as well :slight_smile: