Need Help in Understanding Frames

Would like to seek help in understanding:

  • Why the indicator, the frame number (timeline), and frames cant align on the same timeline?

    • How can I or how should I put the frames in the timeline so that it lands exactly on 240. Whenever I tried to do it, the frames lands on 240.9333 or any value that is between 240 and 241. I tried to move the frames slowly (holding shift) to try to eliminate those extra points (0.9993) but it jumps to 239 (snap is off here).

    • Also is there a way that I can just manually input the target frame number (timeline) so that all the movement would be on that same timeline (like all can be in 240 without the extra numbers).

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Hey Blue. Yes this can happen that it goes in between keyframes when you mess with the graph editor. To fix it just go to your timeline and select the keyframes, then right click and select snap, to nearest keyframe and should solve the issue