Nature Environment Scenes

4k texture on each blade of grass / 7 variations of grass / 28 blades per patch of grass / Random Hue Adjustment through 9 points of color on each of the 75,000 particles / volumetric clouds / Cycles @ 2048 samples… 2hr 12min render time Upside Down

Dude this is beautiful! Love the look of it. Very nice. Can tell some hard work was put into it

Ayyy, that’s some really nice grass lol. Love the scene!

Oh Oh Oh , That is some really fine grass. Surreal ! Very well done brother!

Suggestion: use weight paint for density of the grass to create patches in some places where the ground shows up a bit. In my opinion it will enhance the scene even more

thank you :slight_smile: appreciate the tip… been trying to build some nature assets here and there so that is gonna help :slight_smile:

It is very good. My advice is lower the samples and increase resolution. instead of 1920X1080 use 3840X2160(or more). I often do 6k. 256 samples is usually plenty. I sometimes do 512, but only if there are lots of dark shadows. It has a great sense of depth, well done.

ah thank you… appreciate the advice… i am still adjusting to being off of CPU Only Rendering… and able to GPU Render… so wouldn’t even dream of some settings without it taking a week… so keep attempting new things lol

I have to CPU render my environments. Too much ram for any GPU. It does take a long time sometimes.

I like the look of this scene. The clouds in the mountains are amazing! I have to learn how to do volumetrics and make that effect. You are probably mixing in a noise texture. I will have to find out how to do that.

Needs a Dinosaur!

ya cgmatter and cgcookie and few others have some good tutorials on youtube for procedural clouds… then from there you can tweak them for your own preferences… but ya… in that scene i have a big cube that is just volumetric clouds… and then i placed the cube around the top of the mountains… :slight_smile:


Its so beautiful Ok HandOk Hand

Wow this looks cool bro!Star StruckSmiley

Looks really awesome Tim, I agree you need some dinosaurs roaming there :stuck_out_tongue: