Hi ’ I had problem all my scene became trash suddenly as you see but when I see It from camera every thing became good !! I don’t know what wrong

Hi Ab, first of all may I recommend you title your post properly? It helps knowing instantly what’s up, “n” isn’t a particularly helpful title.

Now on to the issue, I’ve had glitches like that as well, still not sure what’s causing them but I’ve found that usually closing and re-opening blender fixes those issues. I don’t think it’s something wrong with your textures or scene, rather some glitch with the viewport. Try restarting blender (or even your PC) and see if that helps.

Hey Ab! Seems a glitch lol. Awesome scene btw! here try this, open a new blender file and go to file –> append and append all your objects from your old file into the new file, should work. LMK

Thanks for all of you for reply . I tried append it’s work