My Traction Engine

Here is a still shot of the steam engine I’ve been working on;

but it has been a bit of a disappointment due to the fact I tried to animate the thing but unfortunately I don’t know enough about mechanical rigging to make it work.

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Some of the problems I uncounted was When I rigged the fly wheel on this side ; the bones were not totally in line making it spin crooked.

So this one is on hold for a while.Flag AuNerd

Looks awesome man! I like it :slight_smile: and hey one step at a time. For the rigging I do have a course called “Object Animation in Blender” Which would definitely help you. If you want a discount for it lmk otherwise you can just post in the forums when you have issues and we can help. Nice work either way!

How much for the course and where is the course ?

Thanks for the kind words.

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Here you go man