My Second Commisioned Work (King Killing a Lion)

This is a lion base mesh for the second commission I got from the same client. Still haven’t finished the first commission but hopefully I can manage to complete both of them within the deadline.

Tip for those of you that are interested in improving your sculpting work
Notice that the brush strokes of clay strips mostly follow the anatomy and muscle system of the creature. While not 100% accurate (that would be a completely different type of project) the flow and build up of the brush strokes is used to define the muscles and bones that give the lion it’s shape.
Even at such low detail the basic form is visible.
Again you don’t have to get this perfectly accurate at an early stage like this, but the closest you get to defining bone and muscle shapes at this early stage the easier and better the result you get at later stages. Notice how there are different layers of clay build on top of each other to give some definition to different muscles and bones sticking out. When you smooth this, smooth it with a very low strength and follow the flow of these shapes with your smooth brush, respecting the form you have build up.
Hope this helps.
This is all made with a mouse, I don’t have a tablet, I’m just noting this in case some of you are hesitant to start sculpting because you think you need a tablet to do it. You don’t need one. It certainly makes life easier and will give you far better results, but it is NOT a necessity! Just play around with the strength and size of brush.
Brushes used here are just clay strips (both to add and subtract), grab and elastic deform. At this stage that’s pretty much all you need.

As I haven’t really gotten into sculpting yet, all I can say is ‘Noice!’ It a ROARING success Wink To my uneducated eye it looks super realistic and in proportion (even if you say it is not).

Very nice Alex! Like the breakdown you gave us here and the anatomy part. This seems like a sweet project and can’t wait to see it going from this to the final result! :smiley:

Really like your work mate great job and thanks for the tips too

bravo alex Relaxed, I’m happy for you, you are busy!

but do you need to do retopology later?

1 week dude… one week to completely detail this lion and make an Indian King with his full attire and decoration… We shall see what happens :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks man and lol at that pun :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you Simon, anytime man, happy to share what I’ve learnt

Francesca! Good to see you back! Thank you!
No thankfully no retopology needed for this since it’s for 3D printing. I’m using remeshing and multiresolution so everything will be in quads and that’s all that matters for this project

Got a little work done on the lion sculpt, need to refine it a little though and add some more details to the face and legs/paws

I’ll just say, it looks like a DJ Lion to me. Put a mixer under its raised paw and its a ‘wimoweh’ ‘wimoweh’ ‘wimoweh’

Dude this is super sick! Cannot wait to see it finished. Changing my sign from Gemini to Leo so I can have this on my shirt :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Interesting to see the progression. Very big difference between Sculpting and organic modeling. What’s the poly count at?

Around 11 million triangles but that’s mostly the mane not so much the body at the moment


lol Alex! If you like it so much I can send it to you for 3D printing even though I’m not supposed to… :stuck_out_tongue:

Some progress on the commission, getting the body of the King. Also a front shot of the lion since I notice it’s missing.