My First Sword

That’s my very first rendered sword, done after the classes in Alex’s course. I tried to do something different from what he was doing, but also trying to use all the skills I learned so far. This was the result.

You are free to critize it, be truthful I’m not sensible at all haha.

Very sick man! Love it. Cool design. What I could suggest, and you may not have gotten to those parts of the course yet but I would suggest having the blade a more metallic/reflective look and the very bottom of the hilt (the gold part) maybe a subdivision modifier to smooth it out. Other than that, fantastic job! (also maybe put it on a wooden table texture so that it fills out the scene and looks a bit more complete.) But seriously, great job!

It looks nice! keep practicing man you’re doing good… Besides the suggestions Alex made. I would crease the edge of the sword to make it look sharp and hardsurface

the sword def needs a crease, as right now the hilt/handguard looks sharper than the blade itself lol

i really like the design of it, especially the blood groove

Thanks for the compliments and advices! I’ll make sure to take that into account next time.

The Quillon (cross guard) is backward. Its function is to catch the opponent’s blade if it slides down, and keep it from cutting your hand. It should be curved toward the blade, not the hilt, so your opponent’s blade doesn’t slide out, and cut your arm.

Hmmmm I guess you learn something every day haha. Good observation though @greyhart