My first 'serious' colored pencil portrait

I didn’t finish off everything but I learned a lot. This is polychromos colored pencils on UArt sanded paper.

WOW! You drew this!? That’s insane!


The type of drawing that would appear on a post card.

Super amazing detail.

Thanks. I am learning colored pencils they really are quite neat.


Thanks. I’ve always liked realism. This was a reference from a class on colored pencils from years ago. I still had the reference and decided to try it.

“The type of drawing that would appear on a post card”

I just watched a documentary on Thomas Kinkade and why he was hated and people seem to love to hate his art and called it something like you did mine. I thought that was a complement but it may have been a snide remark.

I like realism and not every piece of art has to be messy and easy to do yet seem like it is saying something when it really is a con job like modern art. There is a blank canvas in some famous museum that is worth millions and there is nothing on it. Its only worth that because some con artist said it was his art. To me that isn’t art or anything of any value.

I would like more happy and encouraging art in the world because we could really use it.

Awesome job. Looks great!