my first contest !

I followed a basic online course of the accredited Italian trainer Francesco Andresciani for two months and also videos on you tube, and in December for the Christmas contest, on I created this. Since I started studying I have problems with light, but I will learn! I modeled everything myself, and it’s my first character design. Among the various inspirations, there was also a joke by alex in his video on the word “blender”. In addition to the contest, while studying I also made other renderings, but they are embarrassingJoy. Now i’m following alex’s course on udemy

This is some brilliant work and I’m happy I can inspire a small part of it with my joke haha. The modeling, texture and feel of the whole image is just great. Well done! I’m going to feature this tomorrow on the Blendermania FB group. By the way…we want to see the embarassing ones too Stuck Out Tongue Winking Eye

That’s awesome. great concept and execution.