My dream coffee shop

Hi all,

I’m a self learner for 2 months and I just dreamed this coffee shop. I know that I’m very beginner in 3D but I need some advices and criticism.

Thank you,


You a self learner in 2 Months, and your work look pretty awesome already. You just need to work on you lighting and environment, then you’ll be good to take it further. But either than that, good work?

Like Blender B-Boy said… learn lighting is very usefull (including ambient occlusion). also compostion priciples like ‘rules of thirds’ to make it more exiting (not placing everything in the middle) and some bevel techniques to catch light in your objects… makes renders look instantly better. And a youtube video about ‘making your renders look instantly cooler’, check his other video’s too, lots of fun and knowledge. 6 Tips to Make Your Renders Instantly Cooler - YouTube

This is so cool Ella! Welcome to the family. Love the whole look of it and that you have the cup as part of the logo. Very nice. I would say the lighting can be tweaked a bit and more of an environment but otherwise super cool!