My attempt at sculpting a dragon

Soooo, I spent waaay too much time on this. Currently watching videos on more efficient ways to sculpt. Had a more ambitious plan for the scene composition, but ended up simplifying due to being burned out on this sculpt. Let me know what you think and hopefully how I can improve. Critiques always welcome.

dude… that is epic!!! omg… so jealous Exploding Head i mean seriously… very nicely done… love the horns… love the wings glow… really nice work!!

Very cool Insta! This looks amazing! and I believe it’s your first sculpt? Think it came out great. One thing for constructive criticism, it seems like you spent quite a bit of time on the head for the detail but seems the body doesn’t have as much detail as the head, I would just say keep going and practicing and as you learn more you will be able to put more and more detail :slight_smile: But it looks awesome man!

Dude, thank you so much!!! Best thing to wake up to…Grin

Thanks Alex! Woot! Made my morning!

This is actually the fourth sculpt, but the first completed(well, sort-of) sculpt. The first three were test runs, trying to get the right process. I’ve got a better idea now of what has to be done when modeling biological objects.

And you’re right about the detail. I was about to work on the rest of the body when you said to use alpha layers(I think). I haven’t gotten to that part of the lesson yet. I’ll definitely make another dragon after finishing the sculpt lessons.

Well done!! I’ll be tackling a dragon soon too so this gives me some ideas :slight_smile: