My 3d animated film from '100 hrs' challenge!

So this is our combined effort, me and my friend Chirag who is also a wonderful 3D artist, we study in the same Art institute and there was an Event in our institute - “100Hrs”. As the name suggests we were given just 4 days to make a complete 3D Short from start to end. It was hell of a Challenge which filled all of us with adrenaline and thrill! It was so memorable to make this one, however it turned out :sweat_smile: :star_struck:


Very well done man! 4 days to make a short is not a lot of time. Like the style and sound effects. I don’t get the story though, he steals her apples but it mentions small acts of kindness?

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Yeah thanks for the great words Alex! And about the story, well, as part of the challenge, keeping in mind that participants can focus solely on the production part of the film, script and animatics were given to us with a strict order to not to improvise the plot. We ourselves did not understood the point of story (by animatic) till we read the script lol. It was that the grandmother thought of boy as a thief when he grabbed all her fruits, but when she was about to go, he reached to her returning all of them indicating that he was trying to help her and not steal from her. Yeah the climax animations sucks… but I know how close we were to the deadline of submission that time haha!

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