My 2nd udemy blender animation

Following along with the udemy course , I’ve finished my second animation. I’m not 100% happy with it. The camera pathing got a bit confusing and I’m sure I messed up somewhere along the way lol.

Also the speed is just too fast, but I can’t see a way of slowing it down . Other than changing the FPS but I don’t want to have less than 24fps.

Anyway , presenting the caterpillar, no really it’s a caterpillar lol

Very well done! Speedy Gonzales! haha :stuck_out_tongue: To slow it down all you have to do is select all the objects with the A key and then select all the keyframes with the A key. Put your frame to frame one and then hit the S key with the mouse over the keyframes to scale them all up. If you scale them up it will make it slower, scale them down to make it faster