Music video

ButterflyHey guys, long time no see, this time I made a music video including some 3d visuals.

This is part of some sort of challenge, the artist Grimes shared her chroma green footage so the fans could mess around with the content. The animation is pretty simple, almost robotic, it was all rendered in eevee, also this is my first time editing a video so it has a lot of flaws.Grimacing

if you watch it please tell me what you think


Well…I watched to the end and actually enjoyed it!

Watched the original music video for comparison and…you did an amazing job. Excellent first edit I’d say. Some interesting scenes for sure!

Petite! We missed you! Very cool work. Watched till the end as well and I was quite hooked the whole time :stuck_out_tongue: How long did this take?

Grin heeey, im not sure how much time it really took, the process lasted about a month since i didnt know exactly what i wanted to do , i started with random renders of the character but ended up making some sort of story.

Hi! Smiley im glad you liked it, i’ll keep practicing my edit skillsMan Walking