More animation practice, feedback would be great!

Been awhile but I’m back and wanted to share some practice animations. There are many basic fundamentals I still need to grasp. If anyone has any tips or recommendations on how to improve this one, I’m all ears!

I’m having trouble looping cloth sims, this character has other attire that looks nice but doesn’t loop well.

Since it’s been some time I thought I’d just make a new thread if that’s fine :grin:

I’ll just use this thread to archive my practice animations :muscle:


Welcome back man! Good to see you’re still working on the project


I learned about state machines and how to put animations from Blender into Unreal!

Man… so much had to happen before getting to this point. I had to actually learn the Blender UI, sculpt with proper anatomy, do retopology, bake normal maps, make animations, etc. Then put eeeeverything I learned into one package in Unreal.

Thanks a ton again Alex, if you could do courses on how to properly export animations, materials, etc, from Blender to Unreal that would be absolutely fantastic. A lot of people use Blender and for gamedevs or aspiring ones like me, they’d benefit greatly from this knowledge.


I’ll be redoing this character and making many more, anything you’d recommend for someone making games using Blender I’m all ears!


hey, now you can do it easily lol
but look at me, I had to learn like 2 diff things.
I had to do friggin unity shader AND blender.
but I did mainly effects, simple animation, and shading.

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Yesterday I learned about aim offsets
Even simple animations and poses could transition and look fairly smooth when using blend spaces
Seeing and learning how games are made and actually, like, doing it is a blessing :sob:
I’m happy with my progress :muscle: :pray:

I’m going to finally do that Unreal Engine online multiplayer shooter course, I think it’s time I finally learn about networking, packages, etc
I already have an idea of what kind of animations I should make and what is worth focusing on in Blender when making this kind of game I think, so going all in to really see how it all works is worth doing at this point

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