Monthly Ship #1 - S.C.O.R.P.S.

- Standard Combat Observer & Rapid Perimeter Scanner -

Decided to do monthly aircraft/airship/spaceship renders for this year to help refresh my portfolio. Originally inspired after finishing Shiptember last year (Shiptember - Finished Projects - Discourse), then wanted to make something more polished rather than some rushed ones.

Here are the design and renders for the first month. Modeled in Blender, decals with Inkscape, rendered with Cycles, postpro in Gimp, background from Unsplash (Mountain painting photo – Free Morocco Image on Unsplash).

Hey this is the spaceship I liked! You tricked me! lol. Super cool Po! This is my favorite or one of them. Gotta 3D print this one!

Again, ship ship and away! Noice styilized ship as always.