Monthly Contest Progression

So jumping right back into blender after some time off.

I made a better one!

Spent a good 2 hours doing this…Let me know what you think. Its for the Chalice I made.

would be easier to criticize if you posted the actual vertice mesh

I see other people posting the same screen shots… and getting feedback.

The shapes are good. I’m not sure how you will use it, my initial thought is maybe add some bevel to the side “wings”.

Think it looks great chelsea! Definitely getting back in full force :slight_smile: As crispy said a bit of bevel on the “wings” but other than that, fantastic job!

i was referring more to feedback on the mesh rather than the shape etc

At first glance it looks like a good solid shape and is an admirable effort. You must be pleased with yourself Grin

If you are after constructive criticism, the first thing I notice is the round part of the spiral is not completely flat. I suspect you have some vertices misaligned? So I would try to align those vertices first. That would make it look cleaner.

Then try beveling like the others have mentioned.

I will try to fix that at the end. I am going to finish the chalice part. I agree though. I had some issues with those areas of the Fleu-de-lis

I am so late the idea is to put the Fleur-de-lis shape on the chalice. I googled some medieval chalice’s and alot of them that I saw had symbols on them. They weren’t just bare cups.

Thank you! I am going to have to re do the wings. I don’t like how they came out.

SO I wanted to try putting a material on. I will not lie…I did watch many tutorials on how to achieve this look. I love white and rose gold material so I wanted to shoot my shot and give it that material. I want advice on the “dents” that appears on the chalice. Idk if its necessary but I wanted to see what it would look like

very cool… i love seeing the progress and how its all taking shape and coming together… :slight_smile:

Please ignore the lighting lol.

Looks pretty good to me, has a used and older feel to it. But one thing being that if it has that kind of wear you may want to also add a bit of grunge/grime look in it as well. Coming along nicely though.

So I decided to go bigger with my render so I am creating a whole room rather than just doing a “Fancy” render of the Chalice. I am going for a more Royal feel. This is where I am at as of today!