A lady and her… pet dragon… or pet snake… whatever. This is actually based on Hour of Power #12 entry with the theme ‘monster’ (see last image too):

The result still meh however, particularly on the big monster. Didn’t feel too inspired when making it and had to force myself to finish it, maybe because it’s not my favourite subject I guess… lol.

Made with Inkscape.

Dude this is so cool Po! love that you built something around the Hour of Power model that you made haha. Nice!

Thanks! The idea was to make the monster in HoP in 2D, but then felt incomplete if didn’t draw a girl too so drew her first instead lol.

Looks pretty cool to me man, it’s like an alien creature or something that could have evolved on earth if some “settings” were slightly off :stuck_out_tongue: The drawings and the model are pretty sweet!

Well done!

Thanks! Maybe some secret government agencies tried to summon some otherworldly beasts and this is what came forth, lol.

Thanks! Slight Smile