Monster From Alex's Sculpting Course

Behold! Many mistakes were made many lessons learned (The Hard Way) 10/10 Would do it again :,)

Hey Xerxes, I saw you asked for some critical feedback.

I really love the direction you are going with this, that ragged fur look is cool and a super interesting direction from the tutorial.

It looks to me like you rushed through the texturing part, everything is a little flat it doesn’t look like any normals on there or any finer detailed sculpting?

The texturing doesn’t fit in some areas, like around the mouth and inside the mouth. There is quite a bit of bleed from the legs onto the “claws” with some straight lines which I assume is the UV unwrapping or you painted from a direction that left a line. The eyes could do with a bit more “sparkle”

It looks like you’ve done a great job capturing the shape of the sculpt and Id love to see a render from the side as I know there was a lot of anatomy/muscle sculpting which would be cool to show off.

WOW! This is so cool man!!! Reminds me of a Yeti form of the creature :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Hahhaha yeah, I had a completely different idead of how it wouldve looked liked but it sucked :stuck_out_tongue:

You know what?

I thinj i would totaly scream and cry like a little girl if i would saw this outside near me… I swear! ?️

The color scheme is really well chosen!!! Good job

Dude, Same! ?

Hehe Thanks u, i deviated from the original, but ill be redoing it into the original with substance painter :slight_smile: