Modern kitchen

had more fun making the laptop then the kitchen itself lol.

really trying to build a portfolio, would love all critiques.


blend file for the laptop (cc0) :

for a higher quality image.

haha very cool! Sick laptop too! Is razer an actual brand? Never heard of it but looks cool. As for the kitchen, very well done on modeling and texturing! I think the floor is a tad bit too glossy and I’m not a fan of the texture on the top of the stools. Other than that I would say the #1 thing that can improve it a lot is lighting specifically volumetric lighting :slight_smile: Other than that, amazing job and I think you’ll have a great portfolio in no time!

‘‘Is razer an actual brand?’’ - someone lives under a rock ( or doesn’t look at overpriced hardware)

after viewing this image a couple days later, i agree. the wood on the stool doesn’t match the rest very well, and i should probably turn down the gloss. ah well, next time lol.

volumterics was too taxing for my system at the moment, i tried to fake it in post processing, but i couldn’t get the rotation right ( in the windows, sun beams)

I like the kitchen. You definitely put time on this project.