I made this Chandelier for a while and I can’t use it because has a lot of Vertices, I tried to simplify but was turned out awful. Do know what to do, I am a beginner with Blender.

Here is a photo from that:

Here is a better photo but as I say it takes so long to render this scene because of the chandelier.?

Very nice work! So two different ways you can turn down the vertex count. Select your chandelier and add a remesh modifier and turn the voxel size up and then you can apply it. Another way is to go into edit mode and hit X and select limit disolve and then hit F6 or select the menu in the bottom left and increase the Max angle :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot I will try to do so, let you know what I get?

And this is what I get, I used the second way with an Angle of 10°. It’s look very funny now because the cristals look like they have holes, but they didn’t have holes in the mesh?

Ok, I change the material for glass, it looks better now, maybe I will do something with the lights but not so much because this chalendier is a part of a scene not stand alone. Thank you very much. That helped me a lot and now I know how to fix it in the future. I am lucky that I meet you. I am glad I take your course for Environment and not another Environment course?

This looks great Vyolette! Glad those fixes helped you out :slight_smile: Glad you found your way here and that you are enjoying the environments course!