Mini VFX

Testing a new render.

Compositing can go a long way.

wow man… that looks amazing!!!..

I’m sure if you can see it, but I add a tree model off to side of the image near the car.

ah yes… i see the branch(es) and leaves… i love how your mixing it all together for a scene… really well done

Looks cool but needs some fixes. The shadow of the car is on totally opposite side of where it should be according to the background. Move your 3d light light source so the shadows are made on the left side

The bacground has pretty even and bright lighting , where as your tree is casting harsh shadows. Try adding soft and bright lights for the foreground elements so that they blend in better!

Try these fixes and compare .

Great job!!

Lamborghini baby! Nice man. Really like it and cool to see you do some VFX, a whole new world of Blender! :smiley: