Metallic Contest - Wedding Rings

I wanted to post my first genuine attempt at sculpting. Figured it would be good for a laugh lol. I laughed at it so don’t feel bad. I’ll post some additional updates as I go.

I don’t know why you laughed lol. i think it looks awesome!

Here is my wife’s diamond. I did the model on my own but found a cool diamond shading tutorial. Still working on effective lighting.

And for now, here is my wedding ring. Still need to learn how to properly shade the front faces as it’s a rough tungsten texture but I’m happy with how it turned out.

Dude this is awesome! Nice diamon and your ring is super cool. Simple but nice. Will you be 3D printing these and actually wearing them? That would be sick!

Thank you! I was amazed at how annoying getting the vertical cuts were on my ring.

Currently working on the ring box.

Nice box! Very clean

Looking nice. The sculpt looks good.

Update on my full model. Still need to make my wife’s ring and the background but the table was my first attempt a UV unwrapping.

Very nice Abless! Love the progress. Can’t wait to see the finished result :slight_smile:

Looking good

Added an HDR, did some normal and roughness mapping to the table (thanks again Alex for the tut), and started working on modeling my wife’s ring. I may still need to zoom in a bit but I’m really liking how it’s turning out.

Looks great man! Well done on it. Coming along great. Make sure to put the proportions correctly as right now the ring box is almost the size of the table :wink: Other than that awesome! Also if you want go to the render properties and under film select transparent so you don’t see the HDRI in the back, may help visually

That table looks familiar, lol.

Finished the basic model of my wife’s ring and updated the materials on the ring box. I’m debating on this view or zooming in and adding the fine details of my wife’s ring.

Here’s the zoomed in look without the HDRI

Very nice! I like the viewed in one better :slight_smile:

Ok, so many steps have been made since the last update:

-Increased the size of the table.

-Cleaned up the box edges and tilted the lid.

-Added a better gold and a brushed aluminum PBR texture to my ring.

-Added platinum colors and a color ramp to my wife’s ring.

-Added a marble floor texture.

-Rendered in Cycles with an incredibly low render and viewport setting since my computer is already lagging enough as it is lol.

Still to do:

-Shape the intricate lines on my wife’s ring.

-Play with the lighting a bit depending on how her ring looks.

This is by far the most I’ve ever worked on a scene and I’m loving how refined it’s getting. Thanks for everyone’s feedback and input! I couldn’t have gotten this far without it.