Messed up texture paint mode. Cannot paint on 3d model

Thouroughtly PISSED off right now. Been working on this stupid thing for years. Finaly making progress.

Now I did something when I was clicking CNTRL Z that made the menu on the side of the screen that shows the 3d modle that made the paint menu disappear. It is like just looking at the regular screen now.

The other side still shows the flat uv thing with the paint tools.


Can’t understand how to change it back.

Mad because I got his wig on and will have to redo all that work in another file just to get texture paint mode back to normal in another file.

In the image you can see what I mean. And yes, I tried clicking that small icon and changing from 3d view to texture paint or paint or whatever it is called and when I do that I get the UV square and all that stuff.

I guess I will just have to paint the flat annoying image of the uv’s or whatever they are called in another paint program that is ACTUALLY a paint program and hope I get the tattoos where I want them.

If Blender is going to call something ‘Paint’ then they should make it like a paint program for artists who are trying to paint their models.

Any ideas how to fix this mode to make it work like normal again or do I have to just make a whole new file and import my model and all that all over again?

I’m not sure I’m under standing, but the window on the right should be in texture paint mode instead of object mode. Often when you reach the limit on undo it reverts to object mode.

As Crispy suggests you should be ok with painting as you were just by selecting where you select object/edit mode select TexturePaint and you will be painting in the 3d viewport as you were. Just be sure to have the texture selected that you want to be painting on.