Materials made exclusively with nodes

We all know how much power and potential Blander does have, including a huge amount of nodes arrangement that allow us to literally create any Black / White / Gray patterns that when correctly used along side with Color Ramps can generate many types of materials.

So after experimenting a bit I found this scheme that can be grouped to generate a rusted bronze effect or an army like camouflage. (see the attached pictures)

Another example is the Star Map Nebula that can be found on this url: Starmap and Nebula using nodes only - Resources - Discourse

If any other Blendermaniacs also has a material made 100% in Blender, WITHOUT ANY external files, please share it here with us.

Another material that I’ve come up with riminds me of dry ground pattern with it’s creases

Very cool man! Thanks for sharing!

I’ve come up with a small pattern for wool type of material that can be used in character’s clothes or blankets.

Though it is ideal to do the unwrap process of the mesh, so the texture coordinate node can properly apply and distribute it throughout the mesh.

From the Texture Coordinate I arranged 3 mapping nodes to give the direction and intertwined effect of the wool. Talking about intertwined effect, I’ll also post it here a node group that once connected to the normal input of the Principled BSDF will create the desired effect

The 2 wave texture nodes and the gradient node work to give the crossed lines effect, while the color ramp nodes will give the texture it’s due colors. The end result is shown below.

Well the clothes texture idea had come after looking at a rubber texture that I’ve found after searching in google, that allowed me to create a shoes rubber sole. I’m sure that you guys will find the images and node scheme bellow very useful

This is a fascinating video that makes rust material using nodes only

If you guys won’t mind spending a few bucks on this add-on, it can be a life and time saver in the creation of 100% procedural material for the meshes

I’ve found this add-on after checking this site:

Hey everyone it’s been a while since I contributed to this amazing site, so after a bit of searching I found a nice video tutorial in how to make a steel cable using nodes only, so I’ll post the youtube link below

Ok guys and gals once again after browsing the internet I saw it here on this site : A tryout procedural skin texture for cycles - Blender Tests - Blender Artists Community

An easy to do human skin material and What I did was only a bit of organizing it as shown in this picture

Early today I saw a few members trying to come up with hair material for the character and by that time I pointed to a video on the Youtube that explain how to model the hair, and now after a bit of browsing I endup here on this site: cycles render engine - How to make a procedural hair strand texture? - Blender Stack Exchange and based on it’s content I’ve come up with this:

By the way I forgot to mention on the skin material in the bottom multiply node (the one right after the value node), the multiply factor should be more then 250 to really give it the illusion of skin cells

Take a look at how uniting both hair and skin material affect the character in Cycles

And this is the result in Eevee