Master Control Rig Help

I am having some trouble getting this rig right and have gotten this far by trial and error. I am still an amateur so probably have set it up wrong in some way. The issue I am having is I can’t parent the HipIk bone to the master controller because it deforms the mesh and I have no idea why. I also have some weird parenting going on with the headIK going to the belly then to the master but thats just what is working for how i want it to move.

If anyone can take a look at the model and see if they can get everything to the master bone that would be amazing.

Are you following tutorial for this?

Inverse Kinematics can be problematic if the angles of the bones are not set correctly. Sometimes though i tend to avoid Ik. Rigging is a tough thing to master.

Most importantly you should always check that weight paint is applied properly. You wouldn’t want weight paint on a right arm to be on the left arm for example.

no its an original model

I re rigged my character and have deleted the original file here just incase anyone else looks at this post