Manatee Paid Gig (Thanks Po!)

Here's a manatee I've started sculpting for a paid gig that Purbosky saw and was kind enough to sent my way!

Weird creatures manatees, I’ve never looked closely to one before, it’s giving me a bit of a headache trying to figure out that face and not make it something between a dog and a bear, which is what it mostly looks like at the moment.

I got the base mesh from the client, I’ll sculpt the details and texture it. Low pay but oh well, it’s fun to do because I love animals :smiley:

Very cute! I like it. :slight_smile:

Gotta love a sea cow!

I think the face is looking better now, less like a bear-dog crossbreed :stuck_out_tongue:

Added nostrils and some details on the fins. I think I should add a bit more volume above and around the eyes. I’m also not very happy with the upper jaw shape, I might have to alter it a little. But overall I’m quite happy with how this is turning out!

Looking pretty good as usual there, 2.0. Think the eyes are about the right size just maybe some creasing around the outside ring of the eye. The nose is looking a lot better and less canine like, manatees have quite a puffy rounded nose and the nostrils are pretty flat against it, they retract to allow for breathing then they have flaps that close them off when they are under water. But again man this is looking awesome, I am sure the client is getting more than they deserve. Hopefully word of mouth gets out and you get more jobs through this.

that’s a very useful reference Captain! the client send me a bunch but this one is a much better angle and clearer to see what’s going on! thanks! i haven’t added the creases around the eyes yet because I’m not sure about the shape of the eye sockets, might alter them a little. will definitely work on the eyes and snout more!

No problem man, I see these sea cows all the time down here in Florida. And honestly to most people what you already have would be recognizable to them as a manatee no doubt about it.