Manatee Commissioned Sculpt

Finished sculpting and painting this fella, gave it a blue backdrop to get a feel of it

Came out awesome man. Nicely done, now get that sea cow some seagrass STAT!!! :smiley:

Awesome Sculpt Alex really nice

Very nice work man! well done

Thanks Captain! Yeah from what I see on the news they really need it :confused: Poor sea cows, can’t catch a break it seems

Thank you Simon!

Thank you, I’m glad you like it!

SPACE MANATEE! A couple of fun renders the client threw together as a gift :stuck_out_tongue:
Space Manatee will be part of the VR game “Space Dream” which is more of an audiovisual experience and less than your typical game.
Check out the Free Demo on Steam Space Dream on Steam

Haha that sounds fun!