Managing Assets


not sure if “assets” is the right term, but I am about to finish my current project and getting prepared to start the next.  I want to do a kitchen scene with a few objects/models that I may want to use elsewhere in the future (thats what I am calling an asset).  

Does anyone know any youtube vids, articles, courses that where I could learn how this is normally done - e.g. do I create a blender project per “object” an import a number of projects, or do i create a project with a load of individual related objects and import that, or is there another way?  (how do I import?).  I cant imagine the team that made Shrek or Cars or Spring have a single file with everything in it!

I’m a developer by trade, so I would assume you manage “assets” in a similar manner as I would handle software include/imports/dependencies.

thanks in advance…


The way I think is best is to create a .blend for each category. You can organize the objects into collections for easy browsing later. That way when you want to use them later you can open your “dining room” file. Then choose the “table” collection or the “dishes” collection. Select what you want and copy&paste to the current project. Having  a folder of “asset packs” at your disposal will save you tons of time in the years to come.

There is also the process of Level Of Details (LOD).
Where you have object with a different intensity of details.
First level is a box to define size, basic color.
There can be multiple levels.
End level is an highly detailed mesh object (lots of verts), interactive.

In blender you can switch (working with data blocks) between LOD objects. So Low level ate the beginning to set up composition, animation, light etc. Then gracefully replaced by the more detailed versions. This comes in handy when developing games. Object in front high detail at the back low detail.

Thanks @crispy, so its a matter of cut and paste?  Does that mean that all objects in a scene are always part of the same blend file?

Thanks @maniapete - I think having multiple levels is probably a stage beyond where I am now :slight_smile:

If you copy and paste an object there are no links between the objects. that means if you change it all other .blend files will be unaffected in any way.